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The English translation of my website is still work in progress.

Why spend money on additional market research when you already have lots of consumer and marketing information available in your organisation? Keep Walking makes sure your company will use existing information in the most optimal way.

- Keep Walking recycles existing marketing and consumer information into valuable insights helping your brand grow.

- Good consumer insights can be very valuable for your organisation. For that reason Keep Walking treats new insights as your latest innovation: she picks one single main message at a time and helps you to bring it alive in your company by selling it in an engaging and persuasive way. Only then new insights will be picked up in your organization!

- Next to that, Keep Walking works together with information management experts to make sure you will never have to search for information “you already know” by setting up handy archiving systems.

- The internet is a great source of consumer information for free. The only difficulty is: how to find it? Keep Walking knows the tricks and helps your organisation gain additional insights.

In case there’s still an information gap, Keep Walking helps set up and conduct additional market research or consumer connects to better understand your target group. Keep Walking can be consulted for consumer insight challenges related to innovation, brand development, communication and concept development. Keep Walking is owned by Renske van der Spek. Renske is also available as an interim Consumer Insight professional.
Please contact me via email for more information (renske@keepwalkinginsights.nl).